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Kristen James

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali


Award winning SALON.
We bring a personal approach
to every head of hair,which is why
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Owner, Stylist, C-Cut Guru

Kristen is the creative force behind the art that is KJ Studio. She's won numerous awards for her scissor skills, but her best award is the list of longtime clients who have trusted her with their styles for over a decade. She has been twice featured in Atlanta magazine for her innovative "C-Cut," which has landed her national recognition for its revolutionary success for women with ringlets, waves and spirals.


  • Haircut - $80

  • C-Cut for Curly Hair (First Time) - $150

  • C-Cut for Curly Hair (Follow Up) - $125

  • Single Process Color - $70

  • Full Foil Highlight - $145 & up

  • Partial Foil Highlight - $115

  • Corrective Color - $75 per hour)

  • Ombre - $160 & up

  • Bayalage - $160 & up

  • Blowout - $40 & up

  • Kid's Haircuts (12 & up only)
    Female - $45
    Male - $35

  • Men's Haircut - $70

  • Up Do - $60 & up

  • Cut and Color (No Highlight) - $150


Stylist, Color Queen, Foster Mom to Lucky Pups

Shay's exceptional scissor skills are matched by her keen eye for color, and she consistently delivers styles and shades that highlight her clients' features. She excels at helping her clients find the look that matches and accentuates their personality.


  • Haircuts - $65 & up

  • Men's Cut - $35

  • Kid's Cut - $25 & up

  • Color and Cut - $135

  • Full Foil Highlights - $130

  • Partial Foil Highlights - $110

  • Single Process Color (no foil) - $70

  • Ombre - $150 & up

  • Bayalage - $150 & up


Master of Sharp Scissors & Sharper Wit

Armed with both a sense of style and a sense of humor, Will turns a haircut into an experience, discovering his client's personality and highlighting it with the perfect style.


  • Single Process Color - $55

  • Blowout - $30

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali


Straight hair. curly
hair. color and highlight.
blow outs. make up.
we offer diverse services
for diverse clients.

The C-Cut. It's tamed thousands of curly heads, and it's made KJ Studio the go-to destination for women with kinks, curls, ringlets, and spirals. The C-Cut has made Kristen James a mainstay in Atlanta's hair styling community for over a decade, and her Vining's salon is the only place in Atlanta you can get the C-Cut.

The C-Cut for curly hair began decades ago in Kristen's native Canada. While Kristen dreamed of replacing her straight hair with her sister's curls, her sister was never happy with having wild locks that no hairdresser could conquer. Kristen was determined to tame the kinks in the best way possible - by guiding them into flattering, manageable, complementary styles. After much trial and error (and thanks to her sister for enduring those errors), Kristen developed her signature C-Cut and made her sister truly happy with her hair.

The C-Cut involves making c-shaped incisions into certain locks of hair, defining the curls and giving the head some serious style. "I'm trying to get girls to embrace their curls and not fight them," says James.

She has succeeded. And today, she's teaching her technique to the hair artists of the Kristen James Hair Studio, so even more women can love their hair.

Your life may not be
perfect, but your hair can be.
Kristen James


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